Why A Food Blog?

Where do I even start?

I love food.  I love eating food.  I love planning meals.  I love cooking.  I love reading cookbooks....I'll sit down on the couch and just flip through cookbooks for no reason.  I'm just starting to enjoy baking, but that is very new to me as most things don't turn out.  I, also, love the kitchen section in department or home stores.  I can spend way too much money and way too much time there.  Everything is so beautiful.

At the beginning of the year my brother-in-law convinced me to start blogging.  I started Her Beautiful Mess with the intentions of it being a completely random blog.

I've always loved photography and creating but as life has gone on, it's become more of a passion that I'm trying to get fully absorbed into.  I was finding I wanted to post all my photographs and digital creations on my blog and not do much else. I decided to start a photography blog.... Through Her Eyes so my other one wouldn't get saturated with photography.  I wanted Through Her Eyes as a place to showcase my pictures and somewhere that can focus on photography and designing.

Then as my overly addictive personality moved on, I found myself wanting to share more and more recipes and meal plans.  I didn't like where I was heading with what was suppose to be my "random" blog.  Again...it was getting saturated with food talk.  I decided to start this blog.

I love blogging.  I love food.  It really does make sense, doesn't it?

So here we are.

I'm planning on linking up all my recipes from my other blog in this one.  I, also, want to learn how I can post them so they are easy for you to print.

Those are my plans. 

Are you getting sick of me yet? 

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