Best Ever Sugar Cookies

First of all this picture doesn't do them justice.

My white balance was all off...so please ignore the picture and make these anyways.  You will thank me later.

I grew up loving my grama's baking.  The woman knows how to bake and cook.

I always have these memories of her sugar cookies and I have never had anything like them.  I've tried a million recipes and none of them turned out like grama's.  They always turned out dry...I don't like dry cookies.

Her cookies were soft and perfect in every way.  I recently found a new recipe to try last weekend and in my opinion....they are just like grama's....or at least what my memory of what grama's were like.

They are actually called "Soft No-Roll Sugar Cookies" and I got the recipe out of my Betty Crocker Cookbook.  I've had the cookbook for years and I've made other sugar cookie recipes out of it so I have no idea why I've never seen or noticed this one.  Last weekend I found it and voila....heavenly beautiful delicious sugar cookies.

To get an easy printable version of these cookies....click here (by the way...you have no idea how pumped I am that I figured out how to do this....ya for google and on line tutorials).

Let me know how they turn out for you!

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