Delicious Eggs Benedict

A couple of years ago I had a version of this at ABC and I loved it.

I've thought of it many times, but have never done it at home.

Last weekend I decided it was time....I had all the ingredients, so why not?

First of all print this recipe to use for your hollandaise sauce....please don't buy those packages from the store...this is way better.  You won't go back after making this....it tastes like real restaurant hollandaise sauce...mmmmm....I love hollandaise sauce.

The only change I made was I added a bit extra lemon juice.  I hate spicy food, so I was a bit skeptic on adding the tabasco sauce, but I did it and it wasn't spicy at all.

You will want to make the sauce just before you would serve it because you want it warm, but if you heat it up, the eggs will cook.

Because I don't like waste, I used the whites to make the egg part of it.  I used a small omelet pan to cook them.  Beat them lightly with a fork and pour into the lightly greased frying pan.  I seasoned them with salt and pepper and made a plain egg white omelet.

On a plate put some fresh baby spinach, crumbled feta, warmed up ham, and your egg (because the omelet was way too much for me, I split it in half and used it for leftovers).  Then drizzle your hollandaise sauce over top.

That's it.  Easy and also impressive if you have guests.

I had leftovers so I "built" an omelet in some tupperware and heated it up the next day.  Yes...some of the egg yolk cooked, but it was actually okay...more than okay...it was still delicious.  You could leave the sauce off it, heat up everything else and just add the cold sauce...I don't know how it would taste, but you could try it.

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