Limoncello Cooler

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This was my attempt at finding a signature drink.  I don't have a signature drink...I feel lost and empty.  I need to find a drink that is "me" that is easy to make and doesn't require half a liquor cabinet and a bunch of different juices and a blender.  I love my girly blended drinks, but I need something quick and easy to whip up...something I am defined by.  

This is the problem...I can't really drink beer anymore, wine gives me heartburn and I don't like rum and coke.  What does a girl drink if she wants to go somewhere and have a few drinks but doesn't want to drag her entire kitchen with her.

And don't suggest coolers or palm bays....I don't like those either.

It's a sign.  Quit drinking.


This was a fail for me.  HUGE fail.  I blame myself and not the recipe.  

My first attempt I did it with club soda and left the mint out.  I didn't mind it this way and my sister enjoyed it too.    I did have to cut back how much Limoncello I added to how much club soda.  I don't measure, but I know I added too much Limoncello the first time.  A few glasses later I did have it balanced better.

This is when things went downhill...

You know me...can't just leave a recipe alone...I have to mess with it.

Girl's weekend.  Friday night.  I tried variations of adding apricot brandy or pineapple juice or both.  I also tried it with a bottle of Prosecco instead of club soda.

It wasn't good.

I drank the entire bottle of Prosecco with the Lemoncello in a matter of a couple of hours, trying different ways to improve it.  None worked and all I was left with was a huge cut and bruise on my knee from where the coffee table attacked me, a night of random weird texts to friends...and people who aren't friends but on my contact list, embarrassing stories told to my girlfriends, passing out early before everyone else and dealing with the apology texts the next morning.

This is not acceptable behaviour of a 36 year old.

Lesson learned.

On the upside, I did not throw up and did not suffer a hangover...maybe I have learned a trick or too with my old age.

Please try it and get back to me.  I have another whole bottle of Limoncello in my freezer that I'm afraid to drink and would love some ideas that don't involve Prosecco.

Go to Creative Culinary to try it.