Cauliflower and Ham in Cheese

In keeping it real...I'll show you how mine turned out...

I even thought maybe I could "hide" liquid....

With that being said....it was really good! 

I served it with chicken, but that made for a boring colour palette so I would add some green next time.

Next time I would omit the salt...it was way too salty.  I should have known better since I do know that ham is salty.  I also would probably just omit the ham and keep it as a veggie only side.  I used half cheddar and half mozza for the cheese.  I also would add more flour or play around with it to make sure it was more of a cheese sauce....not cheese soup.

Tasty Kitchen has the recipe.

Let me know if you try it.

I'm in charge of veggies for Easter dinner, so I might retry this one without the ham.  I'll let you know how it turns out after a second attempt.

Now I just want to find a good "green" veggie recipe for this weekend.


Lasagna Skillet

I don't like lasagna.

There....I said it.....don't judge.

I think it's the noodles...actually I'm positive it's the noodles.  I'm not a fan of thick pasta like lasagna or fettucini....I'm more of a spaghettini girl....or small pastas.

Am I weird?

Anyways...saw this one awhile ago and have meant to make it for awhile.  I finally did last week.


I pretty much followed the recipe. 

Lasagna Skillet - Tasty Kitchen

Let me know if you try it!!


Fried Tacos

I was in Kelowna this past weekend and I was craving tacos.  Since I try to get my way as much as I possibly can, I pushed for these to be made on Saturday night.

I didn't have to push very hard....everyone was up for it.

In her instructions she says it's best if you can do an assembly line type thing with these....ummm...yes...you want that.  They were easy to make, but would have been near impossible or highly stressful to do on your own.  We had 3 of us and it was perfect.

Also, Ree is correct....they are VERY messy to make, however....worth every little bit of mess.  They were delicious!!  I loved them.

We used her suggestion with wrapping them in paper towel to shake out the grease and it totally worked...they were not greasy at all!

Our only changes were we used flour (instead of corn) tortillas (small...you definitely want small or medium) and we used a pico de gallo instead of having just tomatoes and Tracey made a guacamole to go with them....oh and we skipped the hot sauce.

I highly recommend these!

Go to Pioneer Woman to print it off for your next group dinner!