Fried Tacos

I was in Kelowna this past weekend and I was craving tacos.  Since I try to get my way as much as I possibly can, I pushed for these to be made on Saturday night.

I didn't have to push very hard....everyone was up for it.

In her instructions she says it's best if you can do an assembly line type thing with these....ummm...yes...you want that.  They were easy to make, but would have been near impossible or highly stressful to do on your own.  We had 3 of us and it was perfect.

Also, Ree is correct....they are VERY messy to make, however....worth every little bit of mess.  They were delicious!!  I loved them.

We used her suggestion with wrapping them in paper towel to shake out the grease and it totally worked...they were not greasy at all!

Our only changes were we used flour (instead of corn) tortillas (small...you definitely want small or medium) and we used a pico de gallo instead of having just tomatoes and Tracey made a guacamole to go with them....oh and we skipped the hot sauce.

I highly recommend these!

Go to Pioneer Woman to print it off for your next group dinner!

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