Boston Baked Beans

When my mom was pregnant with me, she said she always craved pork and beans....and guess what....I love pork and beans.  My mom did not eat pork and beans when she was pregnant with my sister...my sister does not like pork and beans.  Weird how that works.

Growing up I loved eating the canned pork and beans with toast and butter...my fav.  However, as I've gotten older, I've really started to not like the canned stuff....it tastes manufactured.

I loved my mom's baked beans, which I've made quite a few times.  I wasn't even searching for a new recipe, I was happy with hers.

Then I saw Simply Recipe's Slow Cooked Boston Baked Beans...it looked too good not to try.

Um...so we loved it.  It's my new recipe...sorry Mom.

I pretty much followed the recipe.  I used just plain bulk white beans and instead of "salted pork" (I don't even really know what that is??) I used bacon.  I did not add any salt while it was cooking, but I did need some once I was eating it.  I did it in the slow cooker and I didn't need to add more water.

Don't boil the beans...soak them....way better.  Want to know why it's better to use those kind of beans instead of canned beans?

Beans beans the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you....get the point.

There is something in the beans that causes "that".  If you soak them, it should get rid of the side effect.  The reason canned beans aren't as good, is because they've been soaking in whatever causes "that" problem.

So there...I hope I was able to teach you something today.  Who knew I was smart, on top of talented and beautiful??

Okay okay...it was Ben that told me that.



  1. Uuumm..OK..YUMM!!! I am SO NOT a cook! I am your newest follower...maybe I can learn here!!
    And if not...at least I can DROOL over your pics!


  2. I am making this for dinner tonight. I have tested it a number of times while it cooks and yuuuummmmmmyyyyy.