Grilled Avocado with Salsa

Oh my goodness...this was soooo good.  It was a huge hit and got eaten up by everyone pretty quickly.

It was too easy to make!  I made the salsa before hand, so the day of our Mexican fiesta, it was just a matter of grilling the avocados.

picture source same as recipe source

Go check out Meatless Monday for the recipe.

I only made one change...

To make the salsa, the recipe calls for a can of fire roasted tomatoes...I could not find fire roasted tomatoes. I ended up just buying a jar of pasta sauce that said "fire roasted tomato".  And who knows...maybe that's what they meant?  Either way...delicious!


Limoncello Cooler

picture source same as recipe source

This was my attempt at finding a signature drink.  I don't have a signature drink...I feel lost and empty.  I need to find a drink that is "me" that is easy to make and doesn't require half a liquor cabinet and a bunch of different juices and a blender.  I love my girly blended drinks, but I need something quick and easy to whip up...something I am defined by.  

This is the problem...I can't really drink beer anymore, wine gives me heartburn and I don't like rum and coke.  What does a girl drink if she wants to go somewhere and have a few drinks but doesn't want to drag her entire kitchen with her.

And don't suggest coolers or palm bays....I don't like those either.

It's a sign.  Quit drinking.


This was a fail for me.  HUGE fail.  I blame myself and not the recipe.  

My first attempt I did it with club soda and left the mint out.  I didn't mind it this way and my sister enjoyed it too.    I did have to cut back how much Limoncello I added to how much club soda.  I don't measure, but I know I added too much Limoncello the first time.  A few glasses later I did have it balanced better.

This is when things went downhill...

You know me...can't just leave a recipe alone...I have to mess with it.

Girl's weekend.  Friday night.  I tried variations of adding apricot brandy or pineapple juice or both.  I also tried it with a bottle of Prosecco instead of club soda.

It wasn't good.

I drank the entire bottle of Prosecco with the Lemoncello in a matter of a couple of hours, trying different ways to improve it.  None worked and all I was left with was a huge cut and bruise on my knee from where the coffee table attacked me, a night of random weird texts to friends...and people who aren't friends but on my contact list, embarrassing stories told to my girlfriends, passing out early before everyone else and dealing with the apology texts the next morning.

This is not acceptable behaviour of a 36 year old.

Lesson learned.

On the upside, I did not throw up and did not suffer a hangover...maybe I have learned a trick or too with my old age.

Please try it and get back to me.  I have another whole bottle of Limoncello in my freezer that I'm afraid to drink and would love some ideas that don't involve Prosecco.

Go to Creative Culinary to try it. 


What Your Favorite Mexican Dish Says About You

I found this article in the July issue of the magazine, First for women.

It's no secret that I love LOOOOOOVE Mexican food.  It's my number one ethnic choice for meals out...or in....or wherever...I love it.

Naturally, I found this interesting.  I'm a sucker for all personality tests or studies or quizzes or any sort of those "self enlightening" things.  I'm a total dork like that.

So...what does your favorite Mexican dish say about you??


If it is...it means you are reliable

"Like this impossible-to-mess up meal, you can be counted on to never let anyone down - and you do it without seeking praise or accolades."

Is your favorite TACOS?

You get things done.

"The do-it-yourself assembling of a taco appeals to your take-charge personality because you can make it anything you want to be."

 How about TACO SALAD? 


You're a true friend.

"The combination of tasty and healthy foods in this dish appeals to your practical side.  You recognize the need for balance in life, and your food choices reflect this.  You are laid-back and always keep your cool no matter the situation.  That's why you're such a great partner, parent and friend."

Are BURRITOS your number one pick? 

You're a trendsetter.

"The mix of ingredients stuffed into a burrito means that every bite is a delicious surprise.  Always on the hunt for something unique, you're the first person to try a new restaurant, sport a new style or pick up the latest tech gadget."

and lastly.... NACHOS

You are independent.

"All the toppings on nachos make them the snack that could be a meal - and just like this hearty choice, you're more than capable of standing alone.  In fact, you truly excel when you have time to yourself to think and prepare."

I've always been a sucker for tacos and taco salad...it's a toss up between those two as to which one is my favorite.

How about you?  What's your favorite Mexican dish?





Raspberry Peach Sangria

recipe source same as picture source

Hello summer drink! 

Warning:  Don't pour yourself a cup if you're only allowed one.   You will become an angry person because you will want more.

I found this one on Momtastic...mama's need their drinks!

Changes I made:

- don't measure anything...just pour!
- I used pomegranate cranberry juice
- I used lemon juice from a bottle...bad...I know, but I'm a rule breaker.
- We added 2 of each fruit to one bottle of wine, but when the Sangria was done, we just added more wine and peach schnapps to the fruit from the previous mix.
- I couldn't find raspberry flavoured soda, so I just used plain club soda
- I did freeze the raspberries, but forgot to add them when serving the drinks...I was too excited to start drinking this beautiful drink....sorry.
- You can totally eliminate the club soda
- After we had a few bottles of wine and wanted to keep going but had ran out of peach schnapps we did add peach vodka.  I can't give you an honest review on how that went because by that time, my taste buds were not in the same place as they were when we started the evening.

Overall...everyone loved it...LOOOOVED it!


Black Bean and Rice Stuffed Peppers

picture source same as recipe source

I recently had a girl's night at my house.  I was craving a Mexican fiesta, but didn't want to make something I always make...I wanted to try something new.

Enter...stuffed peppers.

Okay...these were so good and you know what....they were even better heated up as left overs for lunch a couple of days later.

When I made mine, I made way too much filling, so guess what us ladies made for breakfast the next morning...

That's right!  Breakfast burritos.  We put the filling in a large skillet and cracked in a bunch of eggs.  Then we heated up corn tortillas and cheese in another skillet, added the filling, some fresh salsa and guacamole...DELICIOUS!  

So you get two meals out of one...who doesn't love that?

Go visit Simply Life for the recipe.

I did make some changes...of course, right?

- I used white basmati rice and cooked it in my rice cooker.

- I forgot to add the corn and lime juice

- I did broil step in the oven earlier in the day and when I went to take the skin off, it wasn't coming off as easy as it normally does, so I left it on.  Next time, I would skip this entire step

- Instead of doing mine in the oven, I bbq'd them....who doesn't love a good char?

That's it!



Garlic Lemon Shrimp with Arugula and Spaghetti

No picture source.

No recipe source.

If this is your picture, please...lemme know and I will link it back to you.

I saw this on Pinterest and pinned it right away, I mean...look how good it looks!!  When I went to go to the actual recipe, the pin I had didn't work.  Pinterest kept going to a grey page saying "sorry blah blah blah" (not in those exact words).

Since I'm pretty awesome, I decided to try and make my own version of it anyways.

This might kill the people who need to follow a recipe, but for the free spirits like myself, here's how I made mine.

I put a bit of butter and olive oil in a large skillet...I really could have omitted the butter...not too sure why I even used it, I never use butter.

I added thinly sliced onions, minced garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, sea salt, and pepper.  When the onions were sort of cooked, I added the shrimp. 

I live life on the edge and had a little bit of plain greek yogurt left, so I decided to add that too.

I tasted it and it needed more flavour, so I added more salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

When all it was all cooked and smiling at me, I added whole wheat spaghetti and a bunch of arugula.

Mixed it all and served it.

It was really good!!  I also had it left over the next day for lunch...still good!!

See...you don't need a recipe...just play....take risks....be craaaazy.

Or not.

Whatever works for you.


Asparagus with Tomatoes and Feta

taken from recipe source

I saw this picture on Pinterest and didn't even look at the recipe, I just went home and made my own version.

I will link up a recipe for you reciper lovers (Tracey...)

I tossed my asparagus with olive oil, sea salt and pepper and grilled it on heat...just enough to cook it slightly and char it up a bit.

In a bowl I mixed chopped tomatoes, feta, green onions, garlic, and balsamic vinegar.

Topped the asparagus and served.  The next day, I had just put the mixture over my asparagus before heating it all up in the microwave...still delicious!

For You Recipe Lovin People

Cilantro Chicken

picture source taken from recipe source




And get this...I hate chicken left over...I loved this one the next day as much as I did straight off the grill.

I didn't pound the chicken breast flat...I just left them the way they were.  I mixed all the ingredients in a bowl and then put it in a large ziploc bag with the partially frozen chicken breasts and left it overnight.

I didn't measure...surprise surprise.

Seriously...so good!

Recipe Source


Avocado Chicken Salad

picture source same as recipe source

I can not put into words the deliciousness that is this recipe.  I dream about it and know I will probably make it everyday for the rest of my life.

I might be exaggerating....maybe just once a week in the summer.  It's definitely a summer recipe.

I just pan fried my chicken breast in a skillet with a lid, but if it wasn't raining I would for sure grill my chicken next time (I'm not hardcore enough to do it in the rain).  I seasoned my chicken with lemon and herb seasoning and just through it in the skillet with a bit of olive oil cooked it all the way through, turning once.

Again...I don't measure, so for the rest of it I just cut up what I felt would be enough. It worked out to using 2 chicken breasts, 2 avacados, one tomato, 2 green onions, a handful of cilantro ripped off and chopped, and then some lime juice (I didn't have an actual lime, so I just squirted in what I felt and added more as needed).  I added some sea salt and pepper as a finishing touch.

I also didn't let the chicken completely cool down.  When I'm hungry, I'm hungry...cooling down time doesn't happen.

I ate too much of it that night for dinner and then brought left overs to the office for me and my dad to enjoy for lunch.

Try it. 

You can thank me later...or I mean,  thank the people over at Serious Eats

Overnight Oatmeal

picture source same as recipe source

I've been having this as breakfast or lunch for the past month or so.  I love it!  Love love love it!  It's so easy and perfect for people who are in a rush in the morning.

I have tweaked it and made a few changes over time, but you can just follow the recipe and enjoy as weel.

I use soy, almond or coconut milk instead of cow milk.  I also add less yogurt than the recipe calls for and more milk.  I use a quart mason jar and I do measure the oats and chia seeds.  I add a heaping soup spoon of non fat greek yogurt, whatever fillings I want and fill the jar up with the milk.  Sometimes I used plain flavoured milk, sometimes vanilla and sometimes chocolate...whatever I'm feeling like or have.

Some flavour combos I love...

cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and fresh banana cut up
fresh apple chopped (but would like to try apple sauce), cinnamon and honey
frozen blueberry and vanilla
frozen raspberry and vanilla

I make it before going to bed and then when I'm frantically running around in the morning, I just have to grab it and go.  I eat it at my desk.  I'm always sad when I get to the bottom because it's soooo good...but very filling.

I love the versatility of it.  You could do whatever mix in's you like!

Thank you Pepper Lynn!  You've changed my breakfast habit!


Cucumber Feta Rolls

picture source same as recipe source

These were a fail...for me.  I think the fail was my own fault and if these are flavours you enjoy, I encourage you to try it anyways.  They look pretty on a tray all ready to serve up.  They are easy to make but look so fancy.

I made the filling the night before.    I think my first mistake was adding too many olives.  It had an overpowering olive taste and for me...that wasn't good.....my mom liked that though, so that's a personal thing.  I used black olives because I didn't have the Kalamatas.  I don't know much about olives so maybe the Kalamatas would have had a different flavour?  Next time, I would just omit the olives.

I added the dill and oregano...not just one or the other.  I chose to use sundried tomatoes instead of red peppers just because I love sundried tomatoes more.

I don't have a mandoline anymore, so I actually used a cheese slicer thing I have.  It worked perfectly!!  This is maybe where I failed as well.  I don't think I let the sliced cucumbers sit on the paper towel long enough because the rolls were very watery when I served them up...liquid everywhere.

So that's that.

Check out Good Life Eats for the recipe.  Let me know how it works for you!

Avacado, Apple and Arugula Salad

picture source same as recipe source

This salad will definitely fall into my summer salad rotation.  Easy, delicious and well...delicious.  I pretty much loved it and so did everyone else I served it too.

I didn't make too many changes.  I didn't have any fresh lemons so I just used lemon juice in the dressing.  I also used an old fashioned grainy mustard instead of a honey mustard because that is also what I had on hand.

For the actual salad I used white onion because I didn't have red onion (I do prefer red onions though).  I didn't mince it, I cut the onion in half and then did thing slices so they were like onion strings.  I find minced onion just sinks to the bottom of the salad anyways.

And that's the only changes I made.  It was soooo good.

Did I mention it was delicious?  Refreshing!  I made a huge amount and there weren't any leftovers!

Check out Shutterbean for the recipe.

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

picture source same place as recipe source

I was craving these for a few weeks and since no one wanted to make them for me, I decided that the only way I'd be satisfied is to suck it up and do it myself.

I did make the meatballs from scratch with ground turkey.

I added mini corn when I added the green peppers and garnished with green onions.  I served mine over brown rice.

Next time I think I would maybe double the sauce just because I love my sauce!  I'm saucy....what can I say.

Taste Of Home always comes through!

Virgin Pina Colada Smoothie

picture source same as recipe source

mmmmmmm....maybe my new summer drink??

Of course I didn't measure...because where is the fun in that?!

I froze the canned pineapple chunks because I don't like using ice cubes.  I find ice just takes away the flavour so when I can use frozen fruit, I do.

I did add the honey and no, I did not garnish.

Oh and the coconut milk I used was vanilla flavoured...I didn't have plain on hand.

Want to make it a little more fun?  Just add coconut rum.

Thank you, Paula Deen!!!

Hasselback Potatoes

picture source same place as recipe source

These.  Are.  Awesome.

They were sooooo good.  I was a little worried about the amount of garlic, but it wasn't too much at all!!

I did make the mistake of not cutting the slices far enough down and so the garlic sat near the top which resulted in it going crunchy and black....they still tasted delicious, but next time I'd make sure the sliced garlic was pushed way down into the slices.

Visit Seasaltwithfood for the recipe!  Brilliant idea to add the garlic!!

New Plan

I had an idea last night.

I want to start trying new recipes again.  This time...one a week.  That's my goal.

I'm eating healthier now.  I feel like I'm getting my life in a routine and things are more normal for me.  I can commit to trying one new recipe a week, right?

I'll post about them with changes I made or suggestions I would do for next time.  I think I'll share whether they are a fail or pass because my fail might be successful for you. 

I won't be taking my own pictures.  I barely have time to take pictures of my family, never mind putting my meals above them in priority.  What I plan on doing is using the picture from the site I got the recipe from and just giving them the credit.  There has to be pictures...I can't not post them...we eat with our eyes first.

I don't even entertain trying a recipe without a picture....I'm a visual person.

I've tried a couple off Pinterest lately, so I'm going to post about them soon.

Maybe I'll actually bring this blog back to life....

And if you're interested in sharing this blog with me, I'm still open to that idea!  I think it would be nice to have a couple of contributors...not just me.


Blog Up For Grabs

Does anyone want to take over this blog?

I will give up passwords and all necessary information and you can change it to what you want.


if you don't want it want it as yours...Does anyone want to share it?

Comment below (with your email address) or email me if you are interested!

inherkitchen (AT) hotmail (DOT) com.