New Plan

I had an idea last night.

I want to start trying new recipes again.  This time...one a week.  That's my goal.

I'm eating healthier now.  I feel like I'm getting my life in a routine and things are more normal for me.  I can commit to trying one new recipe a week, right?

I'll post about them with changes I made or suggestions I would do for next time.  I think I'll share whether they are a fail or pass because my fail might be successful for you. 

I won't be taking my own pictures.  I barely have time to take pictures of my family, never mind putting my meals above them in priority.  What I plan on doing is using the picture from the site I got the recipe from and just giving them the credit.  There has to be pictures...I can't not post them...we eat with our eyes first.

I don't even entertain trying a recipe without a picture....I'm a visual person.

I've tried a couple off Pinterest lately, so I'm going to post about them soon.

Maybe I'll actually bring this blog back to life....

And if you're interested in sharing this blog with me, I'm still open to that idea!  I think it would be nice to have a couple of contributors...not just me.

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