Overnight Oatmeal

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I've been having this as breakfast or lunch for the past month or so.  I love it!  Love love love it!  It's so easy and perfect for people who are in a rush in the morning.

I have tweaked it and made a few changes over time, but you can just follow the recipe and enjoy as weel.

I use soy, almond or coconut milk instead of cow milk.  I also add less yogurt than the recipe calls for and more milk.  I use a quart mason jar and I do measure the oats and chia seeds.  I add a heaping soup spoon of non fat greek yogurt, whatever fillings I want and fill the jar up with the milk.  Sometimes I used plain flavoured milk, sometimes vanilla and sometimes chocolate...whatever I'm feeling like or have.

Some flavour combos I love...

cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and fresh banana cut up
fresh apple chopped (but would like to try apple sauce), cinnamon and honey
frozen blueberry and vanilla
frozen raspberry and vanilla

I make it before going to bed and then when I'm frantically running around in the morning, I just have to grab it and go.  I eat it at my desk.  I'm always sad when I get to the bottom because it's soooo good...but very filling.

I love the versatility of it.  You could do whatever mix in's you like!

Thank you Pepper Lynn!  You've changed my breakfast habit!

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