Cucumber Feta Rolls

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These were a fail...for me.  I think the fail was my own fault and if these are flavours you enjoy, I encourage you to try it anyways.  They look pretty on a tray all ready to serve up.  They are easy to make but look so fancy.

I made the filling the night before.    I think my first mistake was adding too many olives.  It had an overpowering olive taste and for me...that wasn't good.....my mom liked that though, so that's a personal thing.  I used black olives because I didn't have the Kalamatas.  I don't know much about olives so maybe the Kalamatas would have had a different flavour?  Next time, I would just omit the olives.

I added the dill and oregano...not just one or the other.  I chose to use sundried tomatoes instead of red peppers just because I love sundried tomatoes more.

I don't have a mandoline anymore, so I actually used a cheese slicer thing I have.  It worked perfectly!!  This is maybe where I failed as well.  I don't think I let the sliced cucumbers sit on the paper towel long enough because the rolls were very watery when I served them up...liquid everywhere.

So that's that.

Check out Good Life Eats for the recipe.  Let me know how it works for you!

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