Raspberry Peach Sangria

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Hello summer drink! 

Warning:  Don't pour yourself a cup if you're only allowed one.   You will become an angry person because you will want more.

I found this one on Momtastic...mama's need their drinks!

Changes I made:

- don't measure anything...just pour!
- I used pomegranate cranberry juice
- I used lemon juice from a bottle...bad...I know, but I'm a rule breaker.
- We added 2 of each fruit to one bottle of wine, but when the Sangria was done, we just added more wine and peach schnapps to the fruit from the previous mix.
- I couldn't find raspberry flavoured soda, so I just used plain club soda
- I did freeze the raspberries, but forgot to add them when serving the drinks...I was too excited to start drinking this beautiful drink....sorry.
- You can totally eliminate the club soda
- After we had a few bottles of wine and wanted to keep going but had ran out of peach schnapps we did add peach vodka.  I can't give you an honest review on how that went because by that time, my taste buds were not in the same place as they were when we started the evening.

Overall...everyone loved it...LOOOOVED it!


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