Ranch Dressing

Over the past year or so I've really been trying to make homemade dressings.  They taste better, they are a lot more fresh and you know what you've put in them....no weird preservatives or words you can't pronounce.

I found a perfect ranch dressing at allrecipes.

It tasted exactly how I wanted it too.  I'm not a fan of Kraft Ranch Dressing or other store bought ones, but I do like the kind where you buy the package of the dry parts and add your own mayo, sour cream or yogurt.

The only thing with this one is it is very thick, so if you want it for a salad, you'll need to thin it out.  I used more sour cream than mayonnaise and added some skim milk.  I also added extra of other things because of adding the extra milk.  Next time I might use a fat free plain yogurt....it's healthier and it tends to be on the runny side....perfect for this!

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