Sweet Thai Chili Chicken

Years ago at Cactus Club I had a version of these and I loved them. So I went home at attempted them and they turned out perfect. Then I went to Joey's in Kelowna and they had a different version of it, theirs had cucumbers in it....so so good. So that's how I started making them at home. Well, last year at Phoenix in Abbotsford, I tried a whole other version, theirs had wonton crisps...exactly what my recipe was missing. So you can probably guessed what I did next.

I made it for dinner last week and took on the challenge of photographing each step to make it easy for you. Yeah...so dinner takes twice as long to cook this way and my camera is covered in flour. I don't think I'll try that very often....it's just too hectic.

Anyways...here it is for you. I don't have quantities because I pretty much made up the recipe from just trying it at random restaurants.

Preheat oven to 350 or 375ish....somewhere around there.

This is how you make your wonton crisps (which make a great snack on their own)...

get a stack of wonton wrappers

and cut them into strips

line a cookie sheet with parchment paper

I always start by trying to make them look pretty by curling them

then I get impatient and end up just ripping them and putting them on there flat

spray the wonton wrapers with Pam

then sprinkle them with seasonings of your choice...I find sesame seeds and salt work well with this recipe, but if you're just making a snack, you could do garlic, parmesan, dill...anything you want really...you also wouldn't need to cut them into strips, you could leave them whole for snacking

bake them about 5-8ish minutes...check them frequently, they burn quick...some of these turned out a little too brown. I was too busy snapping pictures to notice my house filling up with smoke. You want them a nice golden brown

now onto the chicken part

get a bowl or plate of flour ready

chop your chicken into bite size pieces and coat them in the above mentioned flour

heat oil in frying pan

fry chicken until crispy and golden brown

meanwhile chop up some green onions...don't worry...different cutting board from the one I used for the chicken

and cucumber

get out your sweet thai chili sauce...I don't like this brand as much as the one I normally buy, but they didn't have my "normal" stuff so I got this one

dump it on your chicken...add as much as you want according to the level of spice you like. I don't like anything spicy so I add just enough to coat it. When it's all heated through...

toss it with your crisps, green onions and cucumbers and serve...mmmm...

See...easy! Let me know if you try it or if you have some other version of it!

Printable and not very detailed version here.

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  1. Yeah!! My Husband and I love the cactus clubs version of this, but when cannot afford to have it as often as we would like to...and then we found your recipe! It tasted exactly like the version we like so much, but better because it was so cheap to make! We used the Asian family sweet Thai chilli sauce...soooo good! We haven't tried the cucumbers yet, but are thinking of doing it tonight! Thank you for satisfying a pregnant woman and her families huge appetite!! God Bless you!