Tangy BBQ Sandwich

Print the recipe from right here.

I had my sister's family over a couple of Saturday's ago.  Ang and I decided at last minute to do this one, so we defrosted the roast in the microwave for a bit, then we threw it in the slow cooker (still partially frozen) on low for 2 hours then cranked it to high for 3 hours.

It actually turned out perfect.  We cut the roast up, but it back in the sauce and let it sit until we were ready to it.

The sauce was very runny, but I think it's because we added it partially frozen.  We just used tongs and a slotted spoon to get the meat out.

We used havarti cheese on it and broiled the buns before adding the meat.

It was delicious!!!  No leftovers from this crowd.

The next week we had roast and with the leftovers, I put all the ingredients into a pot, added the shredded beef and heated it up on the stove top.  I used those half baked panini buns you can get (I don't know their real name...but the ones that are partially baked already and you finish them at home).  I baked the buns, sliced it and put the filling it...so good.

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