A Question For You

I'm thinking about going through all my recipes I posted over at Her Beautiful Mess and having them link up to a "printable version".

Is this something you'd like to see?  I need to know, because if no one cares how they are over there, then I'm not going to spend the time doing that. 

If you want them printable....well then your wish is my command so let me know!!



  1. I am thinking i need to taste the recipes before i want them printable... can you make that happen?

  2. you need to talk to your wife about that!

  3. Jessica7:53 PM

    I would love to see your recipes printable... if they are, then I'd be all over trying them out if I can just hit print and have it in my hands.
    Jess :-)

  4. Thanks for the feedback Jess! I think I might work on that, then. Especially since I figured out how to do it for blogger. This is going to be quite the task...will probably take some time.