Philly Beef and Cheese

If you are like me and have approximately 492 roasts in your freezer, you are always looking for a different way to serve roast.

I get sick of just plain roast or beef dip and Ben doesn't really like bbq beef sandwiches, so I'm always on the hunt for trying it a new way.

I was looking around the internet and saw many variations and different versions of this one and got a little overwhelmed.  I decided to go home and make up my own based on all the recipes I saw.  I wanted something easy and quick and that is exactly what this is.

I put my roast in my slow cooker that morning with some beef broth.  I cooked it on low all day while I was at work.  When I got home, I took it out of the slow cooker and let it cool....then I shredded it.

Then I mixed mayonnaise, minced garlic, salt, pepper and parmesan in a bowl.

And because marble was the only cheese I had, I used that.  If you are wondering why I only had marble...you can read part of that story near the end of this post.  I normally would have used swiss, provolone or havarti for this.

In a skillet I sauteed onions, green peppers and mushrooms (mmm....I love that combo) until soft.

Then on panini buns (you could easily use subs too) I spread the garlic mayo, added the cheese and shredded roast beef.

I broiled them in the oven until the cheese was all melted and gooey.  When they came out of the oven, I piled the green pepper mixture on them and served it with a mixed green salad.

Yeah...it was pretty flavorful and delicious!  The best part though was how fast and easy and simple it all was.  A perfect weekday meal for the busy person.


  1. Jess Pemble7:50 PM

    omg.. I have so many roasts... deer and moose roasts.. but I too love new ways to serve it.. this is a faublous idea Lisa.. can't wait to try it.. minus the mushrooms.. I don't eat them.. but lee does.. and I love colored peppers more than green.. but it seems to be an easy recipe to alter to what you like!!

  2. exactly! that's how recipes should be...you should be able to make them custom and do them how you want and how it suits your family!