Betsy's Chili for Slow Cookers

I had a favorite chili recipe I was using, then a Facebook friend sent me this one.  I threw out my other one and replaced it with this one.

It has a couple of weird ingredients in it, but you just have to trust me and try this.

We made it for 17 people on our annual Thanksgiving weekend.  We made two kinds of chili (a healthy turkey one loaded with vegetables and this one) and served it with freshly baked cheese biscuits and spinach salad.  We had sour cream and grated cheddar for those who wanted to top theirs with it.

They both were a hit and absolutely delicious.

Get the printable recipe here for Betsy's Chili.

I'm going to try the turkey and vegetable one at home soon and when I've done that, I'll post that recipe.


  1. YUM... I always notice Betsy makes her coke chilli.. so glad to have the recipe.. I am not a huge chilli person because I don't really like beans..but this sounds really good..and I might have to give it a try Lisa..thanks for sharing!!

  2. no problem jess! you can always leave the beans out!!