Grasshopper Pie

I really need to work on my "food" photography.  This is a horrible picture.  I should of thought about that nasty red countertop before I took this picture.  It's from our Thanksgiving weekend, so this is the lovely countertop that was in the cabin.

Please don't let the picture stop you from making this.  I do not like pies, but I love this one!!  It's minty...it's fluffy and actually quite light tasting...a perfect dessert after a heavier meal.

One of my girlfriends hates marshmallows and anything marshmallow flavoured, but she loved this one, so just try it!  You'll thank me later.

I got the recipe from Betty Crocker.  I really don't make too many changes.  I normally add extra creme de menthe and with that extra I don't need the food colouring.  Instead of white creme de cacao, I just used that flavour syrup...you know...those kind that coffee shops have....yeah....that kind.  You can get Creme De Cacao coffee syrup so it works well...and that's really it.

Printable Recipe Here

Let me know if you love it!  It's one of my favorite desserts.

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