Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

These are my new favorite cookies.  They are soft and chewy and you can change the recipe to your favorite cheesecake flavour...(ex: chocolate orange, turtle, choc mint, etc).

I stored mine in the fridge for the first couple of days and then moved them to the freezer.  They are even soft when you pull them out of the freezer....seriously...just like cheescake.

You can print the recipe from here.

These are the changes I made...

1. The first time I made these, I wrote out the recipe from the computer very quickly.  In my haste, I did not notice that it said 3oz of cream cheese and I added the whole block (8oz) of cream cheese.  When it came to the part where you are suppose to roll out the cookie dough, I noticed mine was too runny to roll.  I went to the computer to see where I messed up and I noticed that I more than doubled the cream cheese.  So.....I doubled up the rest of everything else.  I love how my cookies turned out, so I might do that again next time on purpose.  If you follow the recipe exactly, please let me know how your cookies turned out.

2. I did not use the Oreo cookie crumbs that you buy in the store.  I used whole oreos and put them in my food processor until they were crumbs.  I liked the idea of having the creamy center flavour in there too.

3. I would skip the white chocolate drizzle...they are sweet enough.  I started with it, but then decided to leave it off the rest.

4.  These are a cookie that actually don't taste fresh out of the oven.  They taste better when they have cooled.  I tried a warm one and thought it was way too sweet and didn't know what I was going to do with all these cookies, since Ben and I didn't like them....and for me to say they are too sweet....that's HUGE!  I tried them once they had cooled and from that day on I ate about 4 or 5 a day....worth every pound!!

If you love cheesecake you will LOVE LOVE these!

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