November 1 - 5

Here are our meals for the week...

Monday - taco salad

Tuesday - stir fry

Wednesday - chicken pot pie

Thursday - mac n' cheese with hot dogs

Friday - french onion soup

Okay...I know that Thursday's meal is probably more suited for the twenty-something just moved out on their own crowd....or the young families on the go, however, even though we're thirty-something and no kids...we sometimes need these kind of meals. 

I have lots to do in the evenings this week and to be honest my mind is having a hard time planning our meals right now, so I went simple...boring and simple.

Come to think of it, I might actually switch Thursday and Friday's around.  I have a Silpada party to go to Friday night, so a quick meal on the go might be better.  Yeah...I'll do that.


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Lisa it's chelsea, can you please give me your secret on Chicken pot pie thanks

  2. i will post it when i'm done it, but in the mean time i will email it to you

  3. krista alyward10:02 PM

    Me too!!!!!! I've been thinking of trying to make chicken pot pie recipes

  4. tell ya what...I'll try to post it Wednesday or Thursday night after I make it so I can include pics.