Candy Cane Snowballs

Okay...funny story...

So when Trace and I do our Christmas baking weekend, we each will just grab a recipe and work on it.  Sometimes we end up starting what the other finished, sometimes we work together...etc.

Well...this one was all Tracey.

She started it and part way through I hear an "oh crap!"  maybe could have even been more explicit, but I'm not sure.  The part of the recipe that says "3 cups powdered sugar, divided"....Tracey didn't read completely.  She just added 3 cups icing sugar to the mix.  Wellllllll....there's only one way to fix it.  Actually...2 ways, but who wants to throw out a bowl full of ingredients?  Her only real option....bring the rest of the ingredients up to the same amount as the icing sugar she added....yes...that is 4x the recipe.

At that point we were just hoping and praying these cookies would turn out to be the greatest thing on earth, since we were about to have enough to feed a small country.

They were pretty delicious and everyone loves them so far.  They are a melt in your mouth kind of cookie.  You might even find the recipe easy if you follow it instead of quadrupling it.

Check out Cooking During Stolen Moments for the recipe.

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