Marshmallow Christmas Squares

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dishin with Didi.  Oh my.  Way too easy, way too delicious, way too quick.  When I find recipes like this....all seems right in the world.

Only change...we didn't have maraschino cherries so we used candied cherries.  I think I would love it even more...maybe even marry it, if we had maraschino cherries, but that's just me and my love of maraschino....candied worked fine.

I used sweetened coconut...it doesn't specify in the recipe, so maybe you could use unsweetened too?  But why would you want less sweet?  I dunno.  That's just weird ....but whatever floats your boat.

Also...if you are just reading the recipe and not looking at her handy pictures, you might get confused on one thing. ...at least I did, but then again...I'm more of a pretty face than a smart one.  It says to add all ingredients except the sweetened condensed milk, however, you shouldn't add the coconut either.  Leave both out.  The coconut gets sprinkled on the bottom of the pan, then the mixture that has all ingredients, then more coconut...then press.  Read the recipe and look at her pics....you'll get it.

Everyone loved this one.  Well...except my nephew...but he doesn't like sweet things.  What?!  I didn't even know those people existed.

Check out the recipe....Dishin with Didi  and add it to your baking list.


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