Peppermint Marshmallows

I've always wanted to try home made marshmallows, but was totally intimidated by the candy thermometer.  Well folks, I am here to tell you...no need to be afraid.  It is an easy little tool to use.

These were easy to make, but took wayyyy longer than the recipe said.

As far as the taste factor...yes...obviously better than your standard store bought ones, but in my world, nothing mind blowing about these.  Maybe they'd be fun to put in hot chocolate, or some gourmet s'mores...maybe even cut them more like a cube, put them on a stick and dip them in chocolate?  I dunno.  Creative folk will know what to do with it.

Betty Crocker gave me this recipe.  Yup....personally.  She gave it to me.  Betty and I go way back...old friends.

Okay...that was a lie.  I don't know her....but I did get the recipe from the website.

Let me know what you do with it...if you try it.  Or give me some suggestions what I'm suppose to do with all these marshmallows I have.

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