Avocado with Feta, Cucumber, Tomato Sandwich

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Okay so this was way too easy.  I was in a lazy mood today and did not feel like making anything.  Normally this results in a run for fast food that is far too convenient, however, I am trying to make better eating choices, so I scanned pinterest for some easy inspiration.

This was it.  Exactly what I was looking for.  There wasn't a website recipe or anything, but the picture caption summed up how to make it and that was that.  

It was quick for my desire to eat immediately and it was light and refreshing so I didn't feel weighed down or gross after eating.  Another example of how eating right doesn't have to be eating bland and boring.  

I mashed avocado with feta.  Toasted some whole grain artisan bread (thin sliced).  Sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.

Spread the avocado mixture on the toast.
Top with cucumbers and tomatoes
Salt and Pepper



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