Ground Beef Gyros

picture source same as recipe source

Oh my goodness.  This was really REALLY really good.  And easy!  Oh my...it was so easy!  Quick, easy and delicious...everything I love in a meal.

The only thing that bothered me was the ground beef patties.  I followed the recipe (well...followed the ingredient part, not measurement part..I don't measure), however, when I grilled up the patties and then went to slice them, they sort of fell apart.  Next time I would just make a bunch of thin, small patties to put in the pita, not large patties and then slice them.

The cucumber sauce was beautiful.  Again...I did not measure.  I put the ingredients in my food processor and blended until smooth.  I didn't leave any chunks like the recipe suggested.

Served them up on some fresh whole wheat pitas....not the authentic thick ones, I used the flat pocket type but didn't open up the pocket...just piled them on and wrapped it, like the recipe suggested.

Thank you Passionate Homemaking for sharing this!  It'll be repeated, many times,  in our household.

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