Spinach Pizza

I love pizza!  I'm even getting daring and making my own dough.  I'm normally a pita pizza kind of girl, although I have made foccacia dough and used it as a pizza crust and that did turn out delicious.

For this one, I used a calzone recipe that I found in my Better Homes & Gardens Complete Guide to Bread Machine Baking (love that book), which worked PERFECT for a crust.  I didn't get it online, so I typed it out in printable version for you...HERE.

The changes I made...

- I used regular flour.  If you do, don't scoop it all packed in your measuring cup, scoop it up loosey goosey and level it off with the back of a knife.
- I minced my own garlic
- I made it in the morning and put it in the fridge, covered for the day and it turned out fine.
- This recipe made enough for two 9x13 cookie sheet pizzas.

I brushed olive oil down as my base instead of pizza sauce....nice to switch it up from time to time....

Lots and lots of spinach (it shrinks in the heat)...

I topped it with roasted red peppers, feta and grilled chicken...

And baked it at 425F for about 15 minutes-ish.  The bottom was browned but I should have broiled the top after, which I would do next time...

see...it's a little light.  The dough was cooked through and deliciously crispy but I would have liked to seen it a bit darker on top.

Spinach in pizza is a good way to sneak more nutrition to your kids.  My sister does it all the time.

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