Chicken and Cheese Tostadas

Can you tell I love Mexican food?  I'm pretty sure I make something like this once a week.

This one is super easy and pretty quick too....and guess what...it's not from Tasty Kitchen.

I can thank Kraft Canada for this one.  I love the seasoned baked tortillas with the topping...it makes for the perfect crunch needed.

Here are the changes I made...

First...please stop wasting your money on buying the taco flavoring packs.  You probably have most of the ingredients in the cupboard...so make your own.  I used a taco seasoning recipe I posted awhile ago, but left out the flour this time.

You don't need to measure out how much to sprinkle on your tortillas..just lightly sprinkle some on.

I used 3 chicken breast halves and that made enough for 5 good size servings.

I only had 2 large tomatoes...which seemed to be enough.

Don't be a sucker and go buy the "kraft shredded cheese"  shred your own.  I had monterey jack, so that's what I used.

The chicken took longer than 5 minutes...but it still was a quick dinner.

If you have any questions...just ask!

I loved this one!!  Loved it!

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